Despensa N.6 is a gluten-free and sugar-free pastry, with products that are partially organic. We have selected our ingredients for their nutritional quality, so we don’t use genetically modified ingredients or nutritionally empty. We don’t use wheat, corn, refined sugar, refined oil or any artificial ingredients like traditional pastry

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We make personalized birthday cakes and you can choose from a range of cake dough, filling and toppings.


Gluten free

Lactose and milk protein free

Made with organic eggs, honey and organic coconut oil

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In Despensa n.6, we do not use wheat or any other cereal with gluten. In addition, we make sure that all raw materials are free from any cross-contamination with gluten. We are certified by the Portuguese Association of Celiacs, so we guarantee that all our products are suitable for celiacs.

Yes, all the products are prepared on Despensa n.6: pastry, bread, granola, coconut and almond vegetable drinks, nut pastes, etc. We only buy raw materials to produce our products.

The choice of our ingredients is based on the Paleo concept, using ingredients of natural origin, excluding everything that is processed, refined, artificial or genetically modified. In addition, we choose rich ingredients from a nutritional point of view and with a short glycemic index.

Not all raw materials are organic. About 50{9845f6299fe0ad1936473e07940c0a0bbe18331066327d8dd7699cddb06fc4bd} are organic, including eggs.

We use honey, dates, coconut sugar and fruit.

Since we do not use high glycemic ingredients in our products, they are suitable for most diabetics. In case of doubt, we fully disclose the composition of our products, so the customer is able to choose what best suits to him.


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